So, you would like to work in Real Estate?

If you are new to the Real Estate Industry and want to be employed by a Real Estate Company then you must hold a Real Estate Certificate.  This Certificate allows you to work for any Real Estate Licence Holder and perform tasks that the Licence Holder deems fit, like sales or property management duties.

Getting a Real Estate Licence or Certificate in Qld is not a long-winded process like many other states in Australia.  This is mainly because the amount of units or modules needed to be studied is less than the other States and Territories.

A Real Estate Licence is usually held by the Owner or Manager of a Real Estate Agency and allows that person to own a Real Estate business, employ Staff and open a trust account.   This Licence is not to be confused with the Real Estate Registration Certificate which is held by employees of the Licence Holder being Salespeople, Property Managers and Admin Staff.

The entry level course, being the Sales and Property Mangers Registration Certificate will usually take three to four days to complete in class depending on the RTO or Registered Training Organization you choose to complete the course with. Once you have completed your course successfully you will receive a Statement of Attainment which will need to be given to the Office of Fair Trading together with your application form, this application can be downloaded from the Office of Fair Trading website.

The Full Real Estate Licence is the pinnacle as far as licencing goes in the Real Estate industry.  You must have this Licence to be able to operate your own office.  Many agents are choosing this form of Licence so they can work independently, this is known as the contractor model where agents often work from home and only use the office facilities to process their listings and sales.

There are implications for both employers and contractors if you haven’t set up this model correctly so seeking workplace advice from an expert is advised.

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