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Australian Property Update

REIQ Fraser Mitchells Sep20

Herron Todd White – Month In Review September 2020

Hervey Bay
Spring has traditionally been an active time for the Fraser Coast market with an influx of southern travellers escaping the cold winter to enjoy our sunny beachside climate along with the annual migration of whales resting in the waters of Hervey Bay. This year has … Read the full post »

Location Report

Australian Property Update

Getting Started First Steps to Becoming a Property Investor

Core Logic Monthly Early Market Indicators

Hervey Bay is in a rising market!

Herron Todd White – Month In Review Hervey Bay August 2020

Since the lifting of Stage 3 restrictions for COVID-19, the Fraser Coast has experienced a return to some normalcy.Tourists from mostly within Queensland have visited for the school holidays and provided a valuable cash … Read the full post »

Core Logic Monthly Early Market Indicators – July 2020

Australian Property Update August 2020



REIQ Fraser Coast Mitchells Jun20 QMM

Early Market Indicators 21st June 2020


Early Market Indicators

Australian Property Update June 2020

The Property Market In 2020: What Lies Ahead?

CoreLogic has released its March Quarter Property Market & Economic Review, Eliza Owen Head of Research Australia provides insights around the state of housing before the onset of COVID-19 as well as an assessment of what is ahead.


Hervey Bay Location Report


Covid-19 and how we are dealing with it at Mitchells Realty Hervey Bay

Mitchells Realty Hervey Bay , like all businesses and individuals has been impacted by the current COVID-19 situation.

We are continually reminding ourselves of the responsibility we have to each other and to our community at large, and doing everything we can to be proactive and to provide a safe environment for ourselves , staff and our local community. There are many good … Read the full post »

REIQ Mitchells Fraser Mar20 QMM

How to Identify Real Estate Hotspots

REIQ Fraser Mitchells Sep19 QMM

Hervey Bay Location Report

REIQ Fraser Coast Market Update – November 2019

Suburb Report


Queensland Market Monitor

HERVEY BAY Fraser Coast, Qld

Co-branded QMM

Herron Todd White – Month in review for Hervey Bay

Highly reputable property valuation firm, Herron Todd White, release a monthly review regarding the current state of our real estate markets across Australia.
Hervey Bay has consistently been shown as being at the “start of recovery” stage of the National Property Clock for houses & units now for a number of years…. Read the full post »

So, you would like to work in Real Estate?

If you are new to the Real Estate Industry and want to be employed by a Real Estate Company then you must hold a Real Estate Certificate.  This Certificate allows you to work for any Real Estate Licence Holder and perform tasks that the Licence Holder deems fit, like sales or property management duties.

Getting a Real Estate Licence or Certificate in Qld is … Read the full post »

New medical services

It’s often been said the Fraser Coast is the ideal place for “newly-weds” and “nearly-deads”.

While it’s true many young families and retirees enjoy life in this stunning part of the world, thanks to our pristine environment and affordable cost of living, the Fraser Coast has much more to offer people from all walks of life.

If our region is to thrive, we need … Read the full post »

Budget boost for Fraser Coast infrastructure

With the election race moving into top gear, all eyes are focused on one of the major policy differences between the two main parties: negative gearing.

Driving this interest in negative gearing is a deep concern within the community that home-ownership has moved out of reach for many Australian families.

Particularly concerning is the impact on younger people looking to buy their first home.

If … Read the full post »

HERVEY BAY Fraser Coast, Qld


How To Identify Hotspots


Fraser Coast property on the rise

With news of doom and gloom in the real estate market in Sydney and Melbourne, it’s easy to forget that other parts of Australia are performing strongly.

In fact, some regional centres, such as Hervey Bay and the broader Fraser Coast, are seeing very healthy growth.

Land values increasing

Land valuations conducted by the State government offer an important insight into how the property market … Read the full post »

Fraser Coast’s new dive attraction to boost the local economy

Tourism – it’s the cornerstone of our economy in Hervey Bay and surrounding communities in the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

We are blessed with an abundance of attractions in close proximity to our region, from Fraser Island, to hand-feeding dolphins at nearby Tin Can Bay, to exploring the southern Great Barrier Reef around Lady Elliot Island.

Now, we have one more attraction that’s set to bring in visitors from far and wide: … Read the full post »

New Lease of Life for Local CBD

The Fraser Coast Region is among the jewels of Queensland.

While most people immediately think of world-renowned Fraser Island, our stunning beaches, or magnificent national parks, our CBD is set to become a great place for doing business!

Recently, the Fraser Coast Regional Council launched a new masterplan for the redevelopment of the Hervey Bay business district. The plan has been developed to guide the … Read the full post »

Getting Started Report

1st Steps to becoming a property investor – Getting Started

What are 3D Virtual Tours?

We live in a digital world where technology is being quickly embraced by everyone, including your potential buyers.

If you’re considering selling your home, one of the more innovative and powerful forms of marketing we offer you is a 3D virtual tour.

Let’s explain what this is and what it offers you.

What are 3D virtual tours?

With … Read the full post »

Why social media is important when selling your home

Social media is a big part of our everyday lives today.

Our kids are on it every single day. Our businesses and colleagues are on it. Our friends are family are posting regularly. And chances are, we’re on it too.

Social media offers a platform to do just that – to be social, and this creates the perfect opportunity to reach more interested buyers … Read the full post »

Why video is essential when selling your home

When putting your property on the market for sale, we all want to reach as many potential buyers as possible so that we can achieve a great end result for you.

Marketing plays a key role in promoting your property, however a way to help your property to stand out and attract far more attention is by using property videos.

Here’s why video needs … Read the full post »

Queensland Market Monitor

Download the full report here…

What are the steps involved when selling your home?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we may have to consider selling property, and the whole thing can seem like a complicated process.

While there is more involved than simply preparing your home for open inspections, it’s not complicated once you understand what’s involved.

In this blog, we break down the typical steps involved in selling your home to bring you up … Read the full post »

What are the costs involved when selling your home?

It’s the burning question in everyone’s mind when looking to sell – second to ‘how much should I sell my house for?’

Selling your home is an emotional journey, and as one of the largest assets you own, it’s understandable to want to know what costs are involved in the process.

At Mitchell’s Realty, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our local … Read the full post »

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