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What are 3D Virtual Tours?

We live in a digital world where technology is being quickly embraced by everyone, including your potential buyers.

If you’re considering selling your home, one of the more innovative and powerful forms of marketing we offer you is a 3D virtual tour.

Let’s explain what this is and what it offers you.

What are 3D virtual tours?

With … Read the full post »

Why social media is important when selling your home

Social media is a big part of our everyday lives today.

Our kids are on it every single day. Our businesses and colleagues are on it. Our friends are family are posting regularly. And chances are, we’re on it too.

Social media offers a platform to do just that – to be social, and this creates the perfect opportunity to reach more interested buyers … Read the full post »

Why video is essential when selling your home

When putting your property on the market for sale, we all want to reach as many potential buyers as possible so that we can achieve a great end result for you.

Marketing plays a key role in promoting your property, however a way to help your property to stand out and attract far more attention is by using property videos.

Here’s why video needs … Read the full post »

Queensland Market Monitor

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What are the steps involved when selling your home?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we may have to consider selling property, and the whole thing can seem like a complicated process.

While there is more involved than simply preparing your home for open inspections, it’s not complicated once you understand what’s involved.

In this blog, we break down the typical steps involved in selling your home to bring you up … Read the full post »

What are the costs involved when selling your home?

It’s the burning question in everyone’s mind when looking to sell – second to ‘how much should I sell my house for?’

Selling your home is an emotional journey, and as one of the largest assets you own, it’s understandable to want to know what costs are involved in the process.

At Mitchell’s Realty, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our local … Read the full post »

Why marketing is essential when selling your home

When you’re looking to sell your property, you really want people to see it!

While the beautiful region of Fraser Coast does speak for itself and attracts a lot of buyers, both locally and regionally, it’s important to get your home in front of as many people as possible.

This is done through effective real estate marketing.

In this article, we discuss how important marketing … Read the full post »

The 5 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell This Spring

Spring is such a great time of year.

Not only is the weather warming up and the days becoming longer, the flowers are in bloom, the coastal waters are sparkling, and people are happier to be outside to enjoy the nicer conditions after winter.

Because of this, we tend to see a greater number of potential buyers looking at properties during this time, captivated … Read the full post »

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